Monday, October 3, 2011

Attitude And More

We had quite a bit of Hanna attitude last week and this morning was no different. Since she was ready to go out the door with plenty of time to spare I told her to put the dishes away. She put the three things that were on the counter away and then ran out the door. I guess she thought I would never know that she had not unloaded the dishwasher. I got her back in here and had her put ALL the dishes away. She keeps coming up with this "my brain don`t think" line trying to get away with things. Her brain has a lot of short circuits , but it works better then she would like us to believer it does. They have a sub today so I am pretty sure there was plenty of manipulating going on at school.

I have been working on cleaning the basement. Kids sure can make a mess!

I will be at neurology appointments with Lauren for the next two days. Hopefully we can get some of this neurology stuff figured out. She continues to show signs of seizures which create some issues. She also just can not function at times. One day she could not figure out where her pajamas were. She has been able to get them from the same drawer in the same dresser in her room for the past ten plus years and all of a sudden she can not find them. The other day she could not figure out how to play Sorry (her favorite game). We have played this game hundreds of times, she totally understands how to do it, yet she could not figure out what to do with the different cards. If these things were happening just once in a while it would be no big deal, but this sort of stuff is happening far to often to just let it go. Wait and see and likely a lots of medical testing as well, sigh.


  1. Hope you get at least a direction from the neurologist! Praying.

  2. RE: your comment about asking direct questions. Sometimes if I catch Sissy unawares, when she's regulated and in a good mood, I can get her to speak truths. Usually she back peddles the next day like mad because she freaks herself out for being honest. But those moments when I catch her unaware and she just spouts off whatever? Gold. Pure gold. In those moments I've learned that she sees herself as a busty, blond prostitute, fails math tests on purpose, sleeps during school because she's bored adn doesn't care, hates it when I sing - "it grates on her nerves" - and never wants to have kids because she can hardly take care of herself, "it's too much responsibility" so she knows she can't take care of a child. And of course, I never get those mommy/daughter moments on camera to show them to all the ridiculous therapists and then when I tell them what Sissy has told me one-on-one and they ask her about it, that's when she's all psycho, raving mad lunatic and suddenly can't remember the conversation (because it's incriminating - DUH.)