Monday, October 31, 2011


We had gotten together with friends this day for the past several years. I thought about it for a long while before I decided that that tradition was not going to happen this year. They have kids who are having lots of food and regulation issues. We have Hanna attitude which also involves food and regulation issues. We have had Hanna attitude for several years now, but the difference is that we are no longer putting up with any of it. If she wants to sabotage, steal, lie, pout, or any of the other garbage she tries to pull she just does not get to participate, period.

After talking it over briefly with my friend we decided we were both okay with out getting together.

Paul is still a little kid and we want him to enjoy the day so we are going to bring dinner over to Karre`s house. Karre and Angie will take Paul and Andrew trick-or-treating for a little while around there. Dad is in charge of guarding the candy we have to hand out so Hanna does not eat it and Lauren gets to hand it out to the kids that come around. Karre wanted me to organize some of her kitchen stuff so I think I will get Allen to help me with that.

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