Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Moving Right Along

It has been far to busy around here to take time out for blogging.

Last weekend it was warn and a bit windy, but great weather for trimming trees and getting the planting areas ready for winter. We hauled away a truck load of branches and brought back mulch.

I have spent three days doing appointments with kids.

We have had to deal with several Hanna behavior issues,as usual. They remind us that this kid will always try to manipulate everyone in her life and she will always need to be supervised closely.

Today I am getting meals prepared and the laundry done so Dad can maintain order here. It is MEA week here so there is on school Thursday and Friday. Paul was upset about that because he says he wants to play Jim Bob ( from the Waltons) and trucks with his para. I am nut so sure she is really into all of this though.

Tomorrow Lauren has an extended EEG, which involves sleep deprivation, (oh yeah, I do not function well without my sleep). I am not sure how long this thing is going to take, but they gave me a multi page packet of instructions and a list of things to bring including extra clothes so I guess we will be setting up camp at the hospital for a while.

After that we need to celebrate Alex`s (the nephew) tenth birthday, he sure is growing up fast.

We are having lunch with Allen`s Mum.

We have to get our big van serviced., and hopefully we will have a little time to relax, too.

Things just keep moving right along here.

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