Monday, March 26, 2012

The Crazy Princess Crown

We had to leave early Friday morning to get Lauren hooked up to her circuit board for the weekend so we could do a 72 hour EEG. She had wires of all the colors of the rainbow all over her head. Paul told her that she had a crazy princess crown on. I guess he really does not have any idea what a princess crown looks like.

I got to watch her every minute of the time she was awake so that I could record what she was doing, for how long, when, where, with who, and every detail in between. There were many pages before we were done. It clearly shows her cognitive decline, dementia or whatever you want to call it.

We have a conference call scheduled for late Wednesday afternoon to decide how to best proceed. Lauren got to take a shower this morning. She was really excited about that. Since she could not get wet for the entire weekend she was a little confused. I think she found it hard to believe that Mom was not telling her to shower. Hanna thought it was not fair because she still had to shower.

I hope we do not have to do any more crazy princess crown wearing for awhile now.

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