Tuesday, March 20, 2012


It was just so nice yesterday after school that the kids all went outside so I was able to go through backpacks without Hanna and Paul throwing things everywhere.

When I got to Hanna`s folder i noticed she had written a note which read "Mom I need more total".

I was thinking to myself what in the world is she talking about. They have a grocery list where they find the words of the things they want to make for their own breakfasts at school so why would she write a note here asking for Total cereal? She does not even like the stuff, the cereal she asks for (and seldom gets) are Reeces Peanutbutter Cup Cereal and Cookie Crisp Sprinkles Cereal.

When she came in for dinner I asked her what kind of Total she wanted, the whole grain or the kind with raisins in it. She told me I was crazy and she did not like that stuff. I asked her why she had written a note asking for it then? I showed her the note and she read what she thought she had written which was "Mom I need more toothpaste".

She explained that the word total started with a t so she thought it was toothpaste.

We have tried to get it through to her that if you don`t know what you are doing or are not sure you need to ask for help. I am sure if she had asked someone in her classroom would have helped her find the word toothpaste.
Asking for help would keep her out of a lot of trouble that she gets herself into...
like the baby butt cream that she put all over herself thinking it was lotion.
like the knot she could not get out of her shoe string so she decided to cut it out, only thing is she cut a big hunk off the top of her shoe.
like the time she put dish washing liquid in the dish washer.

She always keeps us on our toes with the things she comes up with. Hanna always wants to be on her own island no matter what.

I put some total, as in total whitening toothpaste, in her backpack.

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