Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Here We Go Again

Our neurologist thinks Paul is the sweetest kid around and being his mom I am in agreement with her on that. This morning we had a very long appointment where we were discussing the recent changes in how his brain is working. He was playing with some little cars on the floor while we talked. She was asking about his diet. I explained that he has some sensory issues with textures and we work around those and that he does not like any kind of vegetables. Paul says "I like that yellow pineapple one Mom".

Today for the first time I got to see the damage that has been done to his brain. Basically the back 1/3 of his brain is missing and what is left of it is very fragmented. It is clear that at some point (likely shortly after he was injured) he had a major stroke. That is why the right side of his body is so much weaker then the left. It was also noted that there is significant pressure around the area of the brain where what he sees is processed. That pressure is the reason we have noticed significant decreases in his functional vision.

Now what ? The neurologist and neuro-surgeon get together and have a discussion that involves all the medical lingo and then the neurologist, Dad, and I have a discussion where she translates all of that into something that we can understand. It looks like we may end up with 2 kids with shunts. Does that sound like fun or what?

These kids are amazing! They have survived severe physical trauma to their brains. They have no idea how much I am learning from them. When I see them succeeding I am in awe of their courage, strength, and adaptability.

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