Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Cleaning

Hanna`s foot surgery affair is almost over. Hopefully we will be able to stop running to therapy after next week. I think she is doing well enough to put an end to therapy right now, but we will wait for the okay first. I had gotten a note from the foot doc that would allow her to return to adaptive phy-ed class. I sat her down to talk about how this was going to go. I had explained that it was okay for her to walk on that foot, she could do whatever it is they are doing in class, and she could run, too. I also told her that she might not be as fast a runner as she was before getting the foot fixed, for awhile and that is okay for now. We are not looking for speed at this point. We want her to use the foot, toes facing forward instead of out to the side as they used to be.

Hanna was not at all happy about the plan of returning to phy-ed. She told me she does not like sports and she did not want to do that class. (Hanna does not like any completion and she is a terrible loser). She has the ability to do very well with physical activity. They do not do things that are beyond her ability in this class. She has enjoyed doing her own thing outside of class and does not want to change that. I told her that she was going to class so get used to it. I put the note in her folder for her to take to school. Apparently,she decided to throw it away. When the teacher could not find the note I was called. The teacher and I, together asked her what she had done with that note and of course she could not tell us. She finally said that she had not thrown it in the garbage. When her teacher asked her "which garbage did you not throw it in"? (that was the perfect question), her eyes got huge, she shrugged her shoulders, and put her head down. She knew that she had been caught. We did not get a straight answer from her. We left it at that and headed to the orthodontist.

I took her to the orthodontist, she pouted, Dad asked her where the note was, she would not answer, and she went to bed pouting. The teacher and I had agreed that I would play phone tag with the doc and have them fax another note to the school. The next morning Hanna told Dad that they were going to go outside to pick up garbage for phy-ed and she did not want to do that. She went to school and admitted to throwing the note in the garbage at home, but since it was garbage day and Allen had done his garbage job, ti was not going to be found.

The consequence was to go pick up garbage in the neighborhood. I am not sure what they decided to do at school, but we had talked about having her pay for the fax to give her the idea that those things cost money. She gets to go to phy-ed and maybe pick up more garbage there as well. The neighborhood thanks you, Hanna for doing some much needed spring cleaning!

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