Thursday, March 8, 2012

Found Snow

Since we have had very little snow here, maybe an inch now and then, or some shush/ice/rain, but basically a very very brown winter we went to Grand Forks, North Dakota to find some real snow. We spent last weekend with Rene` and Trevor on the campus of the University of North Dakota where they attend classes and I also did, as they will tell you, more then a few years ago. The photo on top is Gillette Hall in front and the Education building. I spent the majority of my time in class in Gillette Hall, third floor (up lots of stairs), to be specific. The photo below is the Ralph Engalstad Hockey Arena where we watched our Fighting Sioux sweep Minnesota State University in the final series before tournament play begins. There were no leather seats, marble floors with art work on them, or student season tickets when I was in college. We had to wait outside in the freezing cold before every game to battle for tickets and wear long johns to keep warm in the old arena.

It snowed on and off all weekend and of course there was wind blowing across the prairie as well. The top photo is the quad area which runs through the center of campus. The one below is looking from the Johnstone, Folton, Smith housing area ( where I lived all four years and where Trevor was a Residence Hall Assistant), across the English Cooley.

We took the kids swimming, ate, played cards, watched hockey,went to the mall, and found just enough snow to make it a real winter.

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