Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Field Trips ARGH!

This week is just crazy with field trips and special activities coming up. These kinds of things make me crazy because my kids are not great field trip material.

Lauren and Allen are supposed to be going to an apple orchard to pick apples, check out the other activities that they have on an apple farm, and eat lunch . This trip is one that I am okay with as they get experience in the community where they can practice appropriate behavior. They also get to practice their eating out skills by ordering the food and paying their own bill. The problem here is that there is a very good chance that it is going to rain and then they will not be going. When schedules change it creates lots of issues when the kids are not able to change as well.

Hanna`s school, yes all of the fourth, fifth, and sixth grades are going to an all day event at the college here in town. They will learn math and science. This is going to be taught by college students, the kids will be supervised by the school paraprofessionals while their teachers go to a training themselves. This is a disaster in the making! The material being covered in geared towards kids far above anything that Hanna is able to understand. It is being taught by college students who have no clue that Hanna does not understand anything they are talking about. The most scary thing about this is that the kids are all being supervised by the paraprofessionals who are hired to help the kids with special needs. How are they going to be able to do their regular job as well as something that they are not trained to do? They Will be talking about this at school tomorrow so of course Hanna will know that they are going so if I her Dad and I decide that this will not work for her we will be the bad guys once again. I am not at all excited about spending the day with her here madder then a wet hen (of course Dad will be at work) but on the other hand I do not think that she can handle the situation that she would be put in if she were allowed to go. We will think on this one for one more day.

The junior and senior high are doing some homecoming activities on Friday. Allen will get to go to the movies which he will do fine with, just give him a bag of popcorn and a seat. Lauren will get to sit at school since her behavior has been pretty awful this week. I hope she does not pout to loudly.

I think I have had enough of this fun stuff for awhile, lets just do some school work in the classroom for a few days.

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