Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Is She A Hamster Or What?

I just spent about four hours cleaning up downstairs where the kids spend a lot of their time. I really do like the fact that we have that space available just for them. It contains the clutter and allows for less congestion throughout the remainder of the house. Picking up toys, books,crayons, games, and all the rest is not the issue here as I have been a mom for twenty-four years now and I have that task mastered. I am a pro at shelving, sorting, and throwing away the junk.

What I found down there is just so disgusting that I can not even describe it. Hanna has chewed up the movers for the Trouble game, three doll shoes, four or five of Paul`s board books, a notebook, and the pegs for Battleship, she even chewed up two of the ships, Not only did she chew all of this stuff up she stashed it in two different piles in the corners of the room. It looks like two very colorful hamster nests. I have no idea what she intended to do with this gross pile of yuck. Maybe we need to provide her with a cage and some empty toilet paper tubs so that she can really enjoy this chewing thing. Her orthodontist is going to go bananas when she hears about this one!

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