Friday, November 6, 2009

Laundry And The Lady

We are well into November now and it is warm enough to hang laundry out on the line. I can not ever remember being able to do that, it just does not happen here in Minnesota, God has blessed us. While hanging the laundry on the line I am usually greeted by the old lady who lives next door, (well actually I do not know how old she is, but she is retired), She always says something about how much laundry I do and I go about explaining that when there are eight to ten people who live in a household there is going to be a mountain of dirty clothes. I do at least three loads of laundry every day in order to keep the pile under control. She then walks away and goes to sit in her rocking chair. She sits there for hours and hours taking in all of the activity which occurs in our back yard. She yells and swears at the kids and the dog and when they are not out there to give her a show (they can give her a pretty good show at times) she just sits there and watches the laundry on the line.

A couple of months ago I went out on a limb and invited her to join us as we were heading to a local park to build a fire, roast hot dogs, make s`mores, and let the kids run for a couple of hours. I figured since she gets such a bang out of watching us then she might just as well join us. She declined to show up at the park and no one was at all surprised, but hey we offered.

Well anyway yesterday, today, and maybe even for a few more days next week we will provide her with the entertainment of watching the brightly colored t-shirts and blue jeans waving in the breeze while they dry on the line. I will be sure to send kids out there after school to do their thing as well. I actually wonder what she does all winter long while the clothes are spinning in the dryer.

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  1. How nice of you to entertain her with your laundry! :-)

    I hung out several loads yesterday, too. I love that we have this kind of weather this late in the fall! ~Kari