Monday, November 23, 2009

Waiting For The Call

There are only two days of school for the elementary kids this week with conferences and Thanksgiving break. Hanna was acting very weird, okay even more weird then her usual self, this morning. She was being really, really slow about doing everything. She actually combed her hair without being told to do so ten times, and volunteered to tie Allen`s shoes. When I searched her before she went out the door I found a toothbrush and a piece of paper with a bunch of junk written on it that made no sense at all.

I do not know what she is up to and I am sure it is nothing good, so now I am waiting for the call from school, that is if they happen to catch her in the act of doing what ever dumb thing she is bent on doing.

1 comment:

  1. Whenever our girls are compliant and overly "sweet" i will raise the hairs on our necks - I sit and wait for the fallout. I've been considering nanny cams and recorders to help me figure out their secret plans.... Fortunately their naive childlike actions usually gives them away. I hope Hannah is only up to a mild child activity. Lifting my cup o coffee to you and got my fingers crossed.