Sunday, November 1, 2009

Silly Old Bear

We have this Winnie the Pooh costume which was purchased in 1994. At the time it seemed to be a little crazy to pay $16.00 for a costume, but it has been well worth the cost. It is roomy enough for coats and even snow pants if needed. Trevor was the first to wear it, Allen wore it for a record three years in a row, several foster kids have had turns along the way, and yesterday Paul got to take it out for the fifteenth Halloween.
1994, Jared as a hockey player, Karre as Piglet, and Trevor our "silly old bear".

2003, Allen is ready to get some treats. He is two months from being ten years old here. He has grown a bit in the past five years. Allen has always been extremely small for his age.

2009, Paul got to be the Pooh bear. He is joined by Lauren (pink/blue princess),and Hanna as a witch. Kari`s Ben is the parrot, and Anna is Sponge Bob.

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