Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weekend Recap

Karre corssing the Root River on the zip-line.
Hanna with the rabbit which she took on a wagon ride. She deided its name should be Bunny Poo-Poo and I have no idea where she came up with that.
Lauren and Karre with their rabbit on the ride.
We had cake and lots of other junk food, too.

It was great to get together with some people that we do not see often and some who were new to the FAS retreat as well. Three of our kids behaved very well and the two who were along working as PCA`s did a fine job.

We had one kid who just could not hold it together. She usually saves the behavior for when we get back home, this time she was at it all weekend. She was caught with a pocket full of Oreo cookies, a pocket full of rocks that were being used to play Bingo, and a deck of cards that did not belong to her. Why she takes these things I do not know, she certainly had enough treats and fun things to do this weekend. It is just one of those things that the why of it is probably not worth trying to figure out. Then this morning she wanted to hang out with some other kids and I told her she needed to wait until I got the dirty clothes packed up so Dad and Jared could take them to the van. Instead of waiting the ten minutes it was going to take me she threw a shoe and hit Lauren, started screaming that our family was "the stupidest ever" and then she stuck her fist in her mouth and broke a major wire part on her braces. That was the last straw, we were going home. We loaded up the van and headed out. Lets just say that it was a very loud two plus hours and not the way the rest of us wanted to spend our day.

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  1. Remember little bunny Foo-Foo?

    (He is in a song).

    Change one letter ...