Monday, November 2, 2009

Raisin Bran?

I was putting Lauren`s hair up while Hanna got herself some cereal for breakfast. I was not paying much attention to what she was doing until I noticed that she was eating really, really, slowly, then I saw the reason. she was eating Raisin Bran. Hanna HATES raisins and never eats this stuff so I asked her what on earth she was doing?

Hanna`s reply " I eat this stuff because I being bad".

Now where in her really messed up brain did she come up with that one? She choked down a very full bowl (she always takes as much as possible), of Raisin Bran washed down with a glass of milk and a glass of water. She is not supposed to be eating raisins with her braces on and I never thought that I would have to worry about keeping those away from her.

What a kid.

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  1. Doesn't this make you wonder what she went through before she came to you?