Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday Madness

It has already been a pretty long weekend mostly Hanna acting up. Today it continues as there is no school here since last Friday was the end of the quarter. Lets just say that not much housework, cooking, and the like is going to get done here.

Karre is taking my van for an oil change and she has volunteered to take Paul with her. He will enjoy walking around the parking lot of the car place for a half hour looking at the cars.

This afternoon Paul has as EEG scheduled. That is two hours of great entertainment. It is a rather complicated task to hook up all of those electrodes to a very wiggly head containing a massive amount of hair. The second task is to try to get him to lay still for an hour or more until they can find what they are looking for. Finally all of the electrodes have to come off with some stinky fingernail palish remover. This is the part that he dislikes the most. We will get it done and hope that it will finally be clear so that we can begin to take him off his seizure medication. If it is not clear we wait another six months and repeat the entire procedure again. I hope that he does grow out of this seizure issue at some point.

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