Saturday, February 26, 2011


Yesterday morning I had gotten Paul, who was kicking, screaming, arching his back, meds on board but not yet doing any good, all bundled up, snow pants, boots, jacket, mittens, cap, backpack, and lunch box, he was ready to go out the door. Well he was as ready as he was going to get. Then he yells at me that he needs to go to the bathroom, oh yeah, great, you already went, but this mom is not going to risk it, so we go through the entire process that was just completed in reverse. I take hm to the bathroom and of course he does not need to go, (clenched teeth and maybe a mumble or two from Mom). Then he asks me "why does the potty have a door"?

Okay we are kind of in a hurry because the school bus is coming any time, but while I am putting his pants up and helping him to wash his hands I start telling him that bathrooms have doors because people should use them in private. Then he is telling me that the potties at school do not have doors, so now I have to think because I know that the bathrooms at his school do have them. Then it registers, duh Mom, he is talking about the toilet seat having a cover, the door. The only place that he goes that has toilet seats with lids is at home. Now I have to do the mom thing, keep from laughing and explain that I really have no clue why this is, and besides who cares anyway, and at the same time I have to very quickly get him back into all the required winter garb and get him outside before they get Lauren`s wheelchair loaded on that bus.

As soon as I plunked him on the steps, out the door, Karre and I looked at each other and just cracked up. Paul is just such an amazing kid. He has absolutely no clue about ABC's or 1,2,3,s and he does not give a hoot about circles, squares, and all the rest of the stuff they are trying to get him to learn in kindergarten, but he can ask about the potty having a door! I think I had better do a little research, or something because he is going to ask me about this again. When he gets something stuck in his head he will not stop talking about it until he has the answers figured out.

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