Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Miss Angry And Miss Excited

Lauren and Hanna had orthodontist appointments yesterday. Things were pretty much as usual. Lauren just needed to have a small adjustment in her top wire and new bands on and Hanna needed to have a bracket repaired and a new wire because she broke hers. At the end of the appointment we got great news.

Lauren is getting her braces off on her next appointment, she is so excited! She has done well with this entire process.

Hanna got pretty upset that Lauren gets her braces off and she does not. Well as the orthodontist explained very clearly to her, she has not exactly been cooperating in the process and she has a lot more issues in her mouth to work on. She has nothing to be angry about except her pour choices.

The drive home was filled with "what day are we going back" ? and "that`s no fair". and of course a few of Hanna`s other favorite words, which should never be coming out of her mouth, so I will leave that to your imagination.

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  1. eye roll. oh boy I can hardley wait till mine is a teen. NOT!