Thursday, November 17, 2011

Busy Around Here

I have been busy with the routine of pre-op physical for Lauren, surgery consult for Hanna, Social Security Administration run around for Lauren, guardianship paperwork for Lauren and Allen, and then taking care of the day to day stuff as well. That is what raising special needs kids is all about all the time. It is a good thing I have done this stuff for so long that it isn`t even stressful any more, just a part of the routine.

We have also been helping Karre get her place in order. The white walls, baby blue carpet, and gold fixtures are disappearing quickly. The place is looking pretty good. I pretty much like the colors she chose to paint the place with, although I don`t think I would ever go for a pink bedroom. It is her thing though with sort of a Paris theme going and it looks very nice. She decorated the other bedroom very cute with bright green walls and bedding with pink and blue owls on it for her siblings to use when they go stay with her. She wanted to know if Allen and Paul would mind if it was a bit girly. I told her they wouldn`t mind at all. I don`t think Paul will slow down enough to notice and Allen is pretty much fine with whatever is available.

Sorry to leave everyone out there with no news, but it has been busy around here and since the holidays are coming up soon I don`t think think things are going to quiet down for a while.

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