Saturday, November 19, 2011

One Crazy Day

Yesterday was just one crazy day.

First the truck needed to go into the shop since some fuel line gasket cracked, so we spent money fixing that.

After getting the truck back the mini van went in to get an oil change, more money.

Next Karre and I headed out to run lots of errands. We got everything done except buying the groceries. My phone rang and it was the teacher calling me about Allen. (she seldom needs to call about him). He was being loud, crying, and stubborn. This all occurred after lunch time. We decided to let him chill and talk a little later to decide if she would be able to get him on the bus or if we would need to pick him up.

I continued doing what I was doing and the teacher called back about fifteen minutes later to tell me that Allen had a rash all over his stomach, so errand running came to a halt and we went to pick him up at school.

I decided that since Lauren is scheduled for several procedures next week that require Anestassia and she can not be exposed to any crap I would take him to Urgent Care and get this rash checked out.

We had been in the van for less then five minutes when Mr. Allen decided to start singing If You`re Happy And You Know It with the clapping and stomping too.

At that point I called the pediatrician who told me he would be back in the clinic in a couple of hours and we should bring Allen in then and he would have a look and that rash.

Since we had time we went and got the groceries that we hadn`t gotten before. Then we went to the clinic. No one has any idea what the rash is. I can not think of anything new that he might have gotten into, so we left with a wait it out plan.

When we got home I got the news that when Angie was driving my van back from the park some power steering thing went out, ssssoooooooo, now the van is back in the shop to be fixed.

I guess we are spending A LOT of money at the shop this month.

And the rash that was there yesterday has disappeared over night, thank goodness.


  1. oh i just love the days when errand running comes to a complete stop because there is an issue with a kid. So fun. (i'm being sarcastic, of course)

  2. It sounds like some of our bad vehicle ju-ju rubbed off on you. Sorry!