Saturday, November 5, 2011

School Is Out

There was no school yesterday because it is the end of the quarter, therefore a teachers only day. That left me at home with the four "littles", maybe I should find a better name then that, but they are and will always be my "littles".

Lauren unloaded the dishwasher and then I sent her to play with Paul. She helped me make lunch, too.

Allen was being Mr. Helpful so he carried several baskets of clean clothes upstairs, took the garbage and recycling out, put shoes away, and helped me all morning.

Hanna needs to hang out with me or be in her room when I am here alone since I can not keep track of her and get other things done. Of course she chose to be in her room rather then do dishes and laundry and hang out with me.

Paul and Lauren played cars and garages for quite a while. Then he decided that he was going to pretend to make diet Dr. Pepper ice cream. That just sounds to delicious for me. He also thought we should have a Reece`s peanutbutter cup and orange Jello pizza to go along with that ice cream he brewed up, yummy. One thing is for sure, that boy can pretend, which is a skill that none of our other developmentally disabled kids have mastered at all.

We had a pretty good day , but by late afternoon I was glad when Dad, Karre and Angie came to rescue me. None of them were to interested in Paul`s pretend food either.

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