Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Has Come And Gone

The past several days have been, well busy, stressful, fun, and chaos.

We have had appointments, celebrated Thanksgiving, moved the last of Karre`s stuff to her place, and decorated for Christmas.

The appointments were first on the agenda. Lauren needed to be at the hospital by 6:15 am the day before Thanksgiving. She had Phenal, a lumbar puncher, an MRI with contrast, and dental work done. All of this needed to be done so we worked it out so that she would get Anestassia once rather than four times. We didn`t leave for home until 9:00 pm. It was a really long day. By the time we left they had begun running the lab work on her spinal fluid and had found bacteria in it. We don`t know what it is yet. I have spoken to the Dr. twice since then and they are still trying to figure it out. Lauren was not feeling well Thursday and Friday, but seems to be doing okay now, so we wait it out. We have an appointment with our neurologists on Tuesday and hopefully they will have some answers for us then if not before that time. What they found is not the usual stuff and it is growing, but then dies off so they are getting some specialist to look at it.

Thanksgiving day we were all home except for Jared who was cooking for a lot of other soldiers and then gong to one of his friend1s parents place to eat again. We had a nice dinner and then played some games. I am thankful that everyone is in the United States this holiday season.

Friday Rene` Karre, and I went downtown to get Lauren`s checking account set up and then we went to look around at the small shops. There were no lines and no crowds to deal with so it was fun. Trevor stayed at home with the kids. He had Hanna help him make banana bread. He was going to take it back to school with him, but he forgot it so Hanna and Paul will have a feast, they love the stuff. In the afternoon we hauled the rest of Karre`s stuff to her house and then the kids decorated the Christmas tree. I told them I didn`t care how they decorated it. They put silver, white, and purple ornaments on the tree. It looks nice. Rene` sat up making little snowmen to decorate the stair railing with.

I had not done laundry since Tuesday so by Saturday I had to take care of it. We were out of milk, bread, fruit, and eggs so I had to go get groceries, too.

Today Rene` and Trevor headed back to school. The semester is nearly over and they will have about a month off soon.

Of course we had a few Hanna blow ups, and chaos, too. She just operates that way and holidays bring out the best is sabotage tactics. When it does not work for her it just irritates her to no end. We know it is coming and are prepared to deal with whatever comes our way. Today she asked when we were going to play Uno and I told her we had done that on Thursday when she was up in her room screaming and she had missed it and she says "I guess I should stop missing all the fun stuff". Maybe, just maybe she will figure it out some day.

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