Wednesday, November 30, 2011


We are home and it has been to crazy for computer time.

The kids had an early out from school today so they are home. I took time to get my hair cut because it was making me nuts, and I just needed a little Mom time, too.

Lauren is changing meds so we have to bring one down while at the same time introduce a different one.

We now know that Lauren`s seizures are pretty well controlled and that is the most positive news in all of this.

Other than that there are lots of ifs, ands, buts, and maybes going on. That simply means that we have figured some things out and need to investigate them with some really serious testing. She does have some pressure issue, but it is not typical so what we do about it is up in the air. We also have cognitive issues and the answer to that is also not clear. We also have issues of multiple medications clashing, so we have to get that worked out.

All I know for sure in that the human brain is far to complicated for this brain of mine to understand all of it at one time. Lets just say I have never been all that interested in the study of neurology, but now I guess I had better gear up for some intense learning.

Oh, and for anyone out there who may just happen to have some anger issues, please NEVER take it out on your kid. They then have to live with some really tough stuff, FOREVER if you do!!!

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  1. Amen Cyndi! Glad to hear the seizures are better controlled.