Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Just Pencils

They are just pencils! I have to get that out there first, but why the heck does my kid who has to work really, really hard to learn anything put so much (almost all of her energy) into ripping people off and hoarding the stuff.

I mean she thinks a car costs $25.00, a TV costs $10.00, and a box of cereal costs $20.00. She can not spell, even basic words that she uses all the time. She has no idea what holiday is in December. She can`t remember what day it is. She is not able to do any of this, but she can come up with ways to rip people off ALL THE TIME.

It is like you catch her at doing one thing so she stops doing that and does something else. It is amazing what we have confiscated from her, food, money, toys, bras (yes, some other kid`s), shoes, game pieces, mittens, books (a sixth grade science book and she was never in the sixth grade science class), license plates,and now pencils. I am sure there are things we have not found yet and, we will get to those too.

Maybe if she could focus her energies on something else she could actually learn how to do something productive. We have been trying to explain that there are no jobs out there for people who steal stuff. The kid just needs to keep her paws off stuff that does not belong to her, even if it is just pencils. If she gets away with stealing pencils she will think it is okay to take other stuff as well. I guess I was never to interested in being a thief so I never spent much of my energy on learning the craft. Hanna is teaching me a thing or two in this department. I spend most of my energy trying to figure out what makes this kid tick. It is a never ending challenge.

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