Thursday, November 10, 2011

Logic, What Logic?

Hanna has three complete sets of clothes and that is it. Everything else is locked up because she tares them up and empties everything from her room when she is raging. So anyway she has these clothes and they are all looking really ready for the garbage, but in order for her to get different ones she is going to need to talk to me and that is not going to happen, well you know, maybe until sometime in the next century. She wears these worn out clothes and does not seem to care at all about how she looks. Last evening she came to me wanting to replace a pair of her underwear because they have this teeny, tiny little hole in the seam.

It is okay to wear a shirt that she has ripped the sleeve open to the elbow, but that little hole in the underwear is cause for concern. I don`t get it. This kid just does not make much sense. Maybe she wants to have nice underwear on so she can show them off or something. Anything is possible when it comes to Hanna.

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