Friday, March 12, 2010

Disabilities Don`t Go Away

Disabilities don`t go away just because the world wants them to.
Because budgets are being cut does not mean that ...

Children will stop being born with chromosomal disorders
Children will stop being physically, emotionally, medically, or sexually abused
Children will no longer be exposed to alcohol or drugs before they are even born
Children will no longer be in accidents or have illness that leave them with disabilities.
Children will no longer become adults with those same disabilities

It would be nice at times to have a holiday from all of this but that is not going to happen. Persons who happen to have disabilities have them always, they do not just go away. They learn to live with those disabilities. For some persons to live with those disabilities someone will need to be there to support them in the effort. With a little help they are able to be happy, healthy, productive members of society. Taking that support away from this population and their families would be stepping back in time which would be a disaster for all of society.

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