Wednesday, March 3, 2010

An Evening Out

Paul and I had an evening out yesterday as we went to kindergarten registration. Paul has no idea what kindergarten is and he was down right confused by going to his school after dinner, but once he found his teacher and got to go hang out with her things went pretty well.

The other people there were well...

Even though the letter sent out said that this was a special evening for kindergartners to be and their parents and in bold large type it said please do not bring other children, there were plenty of them running around. The school had a plan of action to corral the kids. the school social workers took them and watched them. I guess this is an issue that they see regularly.

The Pierce family was there mom who has her ears pierced three times, her nose pierced, and there is one on her eye too. Dad had two nose rings, and a piece of metal on his tong. Then there was little guy who mind you is four or five also had his nose pierced twice just like dad.

The three chicks who sat in front of me talked the entire time the school staff was giving out the information. They obviously were not paying attention at all because at the end of it when they were supposed to fill out the forms they had to go ask what to do with them. I am glad they have the weekend planned out. I am also glad that I have listened to the registration speech at least a dozen times and can just get the paperwork done without paying attention.

There was little Miss Make-up who had a purse bigger then any that I have ever carried around and I have a pretty large purse. This hot pink purse was full of make-up, no not the fake plastic stuff that little girls carry around. There was lip stick, blush, nail polish, eye liner, and all of the rest in multiples of each. This kid dumped the contents of the purse on the floor, sat down, and started putting the stuff on. She was pretty skilled at doing so. When one of the teachers came over and told her mom that her daughter needed to load the stuff back into the purse and go play with the other kids and that her kid would not be allowed to bring this sort of thing to school , there was quite a scene. The mom started yelling and the language was not at all appropriate. Mom and Miss Make-up were escorted from the room in a rather hasty manner. The rest of us got to listen to the if your kid brings things to school that are not appropriate for school they will be confiscated and they will not be returned. speech. They are not allowed to bring guns, knives, cell phones, I-pods, etc. this is one of those speeches that is usually reserved for a later date, but I guess it needed to be made here in light of the situation.

I am amazed at the craziness that the school staff have to deal with and how well they are able to do it without going nuts themselves. I must be getting old or something, yeah I am sure I was the oldest mom in the place and I have two daughters who are older then some of these moms, but people wake up, these are your kids here. Do you not have any idea what you are doing to dthem with this behavior?

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  1. I was the oldest mom at kindergarten registration, too. For the most part, these moms are very different from what we think of as a 'mom'. A lot of them are clueless. Sad...