Tuesday, March 9, 2010


After spending the afternoon trying to get services for two of my kids whose current services are rapidly disappearing has been totally exhausting and I have no services nor answers in place so I sure do not feel like anything was accomplished.

One kid totally qualifies without any reservation however. there seems to be no money in the budget, so now what do we do? However there is money available for a much more costly option that we do not really want at this time.

The other kid qualifies, well at least sort of qualifies so what does that mean? This happens to be the kid who we REALLY need services for at this time. Here again no money in the budget, but there are two more costly alternatives to consider here.

The question here is why on earth would we spend more money then need be spent on something because that is just the crazy way this all works. Is it the best solution, not likely but in reality we do need services for these kids and if we have to do things that are a bit on the crazy side then so be it.

Oh I don`t know the answers here, but something has got to get done. Now I have to deal with the kid who caused a teacher to call me two times in one day and believe it or not it is not Hanna. It is Lauren whose behavior has dug her a fairly deep hole full of trouble the last week or so. When I am done dealing with her I am going to exhale deeply and turn my very over loaded brain off for the night.

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  1. It is a crazy system and it is set up such that most people need an advocate or a lawyer to fight it. I am jealous that you can turn your brain off at night. I can't do that at the moment. You are in my prayers and thoughts. May you wake up to a better day!