Thursday, March 4, 2010

One Thing At A Time

We just keep moving right along, one thing at a time.

I took two kids to the dentist yesterday, Karre and Allen. Allen is still cavity free at sixteen years, YA-HOO!! I shudder to think what it would take to do any kind of work in his mouth.

Today I have to get all of the odds and ends wrapped up in my office. I also have to go another round with medical assistance people. They have agreed to pay for twelve months (the orthodontist says it will take at least twenty-four months)of orthodontic work for Lauren,but only to straighten the teeth in the top of her mouth. They do not want the two broken teeth (the ones she knocked out seven years ago when falling on the ice at school) removed. They just want to work with them in place. Both the orthodontist and the dentist agree that you should not put braces on these teeth because they are brittle and have been traumatized and because this will make a repair that will need to be re-repaired. The other issue here is that if the top teeth are straightened and the bottom ones are left the way they are (a crowded, crooked, mess) then her bite will not line up so nothing has been accomplished in the precess. I am a mom here, my education is in psychology and social work, not medicine but it seems that I can clearly understand here what needs to be done. I just can not figure out how all of this doing things half way is going to save money because eventually this (excuse my language) half ass job will need to be done again. Lets just get it right the first time for once.

Tomorrow Paul has speech therapy so he can work on those P sounds. Then Paul and Hanna go to the dentist and Lauren has to get her Depo shot after school. I have Angie helping me get everyone where we need to get to and watch one while I do the appointment for the other and then Karre will bring Lauren to me after school. It gets a little complicated but we will get ti done. While I am at the clinic with Lauren I am supposed to be able to catch up with the doctor that is helping me with the Hanna issues so maybe we can get something done on that front as well.

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