Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Looking Ahead

There is always much on my schedule and to do list, but the month of April is going to be one heck of a marathon. I have been working on getting several things going and all of a sudden everything is a go and needs to get done this month.

I have 2 appointment at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester for Hanna.

There are 8 appointments at Gillette Children`s, Lauren is getting her braces on and Hanna has work to be done on hers so I am doing both of those the same day to save a trip. Lauren has therapy there at least once a week.

The 3 trips to the U of M Medical Center, Paul is having eye surgery.

Lauren`s CADI waiver re-evaluation.

A meeting to further work on services for Allen and Hanna (nothing figured out there yet).

A pre-op/kindergarten physical for Paul ( both at the same time to save a trip).

A transition meeting for Paul to figure out what to do with him for the next school year.

A meeting to re-write care plans ( which I think is a waste of time and tax payer money since I have been doing this on my own for years, but new laws, ya-know).

Paul`s speech therapy x 4.

Karre is building sets for the spring play and that has a schedule that changes daily depending on how things are going.

Lauren and Allen are bowling every week.

We will celebrate Easter, attend nephews First Communion, and a family baby shower.

There will be homework to monitor, people will need to be fed, and laundry needs to get done. The rest of the housework will just have to chill for awhile.

Dad will have to take some time off from work, which he is not thrilled about. THANK HEAVENS we still have PCA staff or all of this stuff could never get done.

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