Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Plan What Plan?

I plan to get almost everything that is going to get done in the almost three hours, four days a week that Paul is in preschool, but that is not going to happen for the next four to six days as Hanna is home, the usual "girl issues", ugh.

We had meeting number three to straighten out the service plans for the kids. Paul`s is done, it is not exactly what is wanted or needed but it, for the most part is workable so we will leave it at that for the time being. Lauren`s has not even been looked at and I am sure there will be some changes but they are expected to be minor and I will get to that next month some time. Allen and Hanna are the two I am working on and at this point both of them are losing a significant, by that I mean almost all of their services.

Allen qualifies for more services then he has been receiving, there is no question about that and I am not asking for anything more then we already had, I just wanted to maintain it, but no one wants to take responsibility for paying for it. Everyone seems to feel that this is the responsibility of someone else. My opinion is that it really does not matter which fund the money comes form as it will be a mix of county, state, and federal money all of which we pay tax to provide. Just someone decide to deal with this and get on with it.

Hanna apparently is to intelligent (IQ 52) and is to capable to qualify for what she needs. I can not figure out where all of this capability is because she is not demonstrating it here. Lets just say that she functions at the ability level of a four year old most of the time and when she is having a really good day and is on task you could bump that up about eighteen months. She has many behaviors which are not appropriate at any age level including masturbating in public, stealing, consuming very large quantities of food, getting lost going to the school play ground less then two blocks away, wearing shorts when it 20 below zero, etc, etc,.

My plan had been to prepare an appeal to the state department of human services (DHS) today but I can not concentrate on such complex material with a kid screaming at me, throwing things, kicking the wall, and banging her head on the floor. Now that is my capable, IQ of 52 darling little girl. Now I have no plans for the day because what plan would even work on days like this anyway?

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  1. How can they say that with a straight face? You are right, no plans work on those kind of days. Maybe she will burnout early and you can get it done tonight.