Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hanna Slept

The fact that a kid almost thirteen years old slept would not usually be earth shattering news, but for this kid, the one who has NEVER slept through the night in all of the time she has been in our family, and I am almost certain she had not done so before that time finally did so last night.

We have been working with a variety of different medications, dosages, and combinations of them for years in order to get her to sleep. The lack of sleep messes ones body up a lot so this is one of the two issues we are working on at this time. We can only take on two things at a time with her and can not move on until these things are resolved.

At any rate we finally hit the magic combination of two different medications Trazodone and clonidine (large doses of both) and then this requires Mom to get up at 2:00 am to give Clonidine again, but it worked so that is what we will do.

When it was time to get up this morning Hanna said "that medicine is almost making me sleep" and she was still sleeping when I went in there to get her. She was slow moving, almost like the average kid of this age, this morning and did not want to eat breakfast, which never happens.

I am sure I will get a call from school this morning telling me that Hanna is not feeling well and that is okay. I also realize that we will need to make some adjustments with schedules in morning and bedtime routine. We will gladly do that to get this kid to sleep, who knows if she sleeps maybe there will be some improvement in her behavior, that would be a plus worth making the changes for.

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  1. Getting them to sleep is always the first step to stabilizing them. GB did not sleep through the night until she started on rispedone just before she turned 4. I am hoping for good things for you and Hannah.