Monday, March 29, 2010


We have a kid who is manipulating and it is not going over well with Mom and Dad.

We have finally gotten Hanna on medication which is allowing her to sleep YAHOO for everyone. Now she has been going to school with this "I am very sleepy" routine, but she wakes up for snack time, lunch time, recess, and all of the other stuff that she wants to do. Now just how does that work, well you see she gets attention and people do the poor Hanna thing and she is really liking this.

Due to "girl issues" she was home with me the last two days of the school week and the weekend as well. There was no tired Hanna. She was as bonkers as ever, up plenty early, scattered and needing reminders as usual, loud, impulsive, and at times had her usual nasty attitude, there was no change in her behavior. It was exactly as it had been before the medication change.

This clearly indicates that this kid is manipulating and she is getting away with it. Maybe if she is so tired at school then she will need to be tired here too, but then none of the stuff she wants will be available either.

I do not think that she will ever be able to figure out that we are always going to catch up with her crazy ideas.


  1. Probably not- but tired time at home should fix that problem right up. Aren't you glad we are not as dumb as they think we are?

  2. Yep we have a school manipulator too. It is so frustrating! I can not take on the role of her teacher at this point in our life and I can't get the school to open their eyes and see what's up. Ugh!