Monday, January 30, 2012


I spent a couple of hours yesterday coloring with Hanna. She will make sure she uses every single color in her work. Her hands had marker all over them by the time we were done, but who cares the kid was happy and I do not mind coloring every now and then. It is rather relaxing.

Paul joined us for about ten minutes. He colors, but he never has time to look at what he is coloring. He is so busy chattering about nothing, that he can not pay attention to what he is doing. His pictures are almost always just one color, because who bothers to take the time to get a different one.

Lauren colored for awhile too. Her coloring skills are really taking a hit. The regression is so clear when looking at things like coloring, hand writing, and school work. I am not sure she realizes the changes that are taking place, but I am and it is so hard to watch her struggle.

Today it is back to school and work, so there will be no time for coloring. I had to block an hour into my schedule to be on the phone with a scheduler in order to get appointments rearranged. That is something most people don`t get to do first thing Monday morning. Lots of appointments this week so by next weekend I will be ready to spend some time coloring again.

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