Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It All Happens Here

I have one kid writing a thesis and graduate study practice on transitions from high school to community/work for young people who have FASD. That sounds like something that could be very interesting and useful as well. I will be interested to find out what they come up with.

Completely on the other end of things I have a kid who has been behaving very well for the past 10 to 12 days and she just can not let herself get to comfortable with that so she is back to the nasties again. The things she comes up with amaze me. She thinks that pulling her hair out (again) is going to get to us. It did not work last time so why would it work now. Oh, by the way according to her she is not doing it, it just comes out because I have been washing it for her. She thinks that sitting at the top of the stairs is bothering us, so I just said that if she wanted to sit up there she could spend the morning with me. She came down in a hurry. She thinks not zipping her jacket will cause trouble. I don`t care, if she wants to get cold so be it. It just never stops does it.

Now I have to get a move on it, put the clothes in the dryer and head out the door for appointments. I get to deal with Paul this morning and then Miss Attitude in the afternoon.

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