Monday, January 23, 2012

My Work Day

I put on some cool, (at least to me), loud music and got that grouchy mom letter done.

Next I signed my four and a half footer who has Down Syndrome, Autism, and FASD up for the selective service as required by law when the guy turned 18. The Air Force has already tried to recruit him when he was 15. When I told them I didn`t really think they wanted him to be flying planes, fixing them or anything else, they tried to tell me that they needed to talk to him. I told the guy that he would not understand anything they were saying and they certainly would never be able to understand him, they finally went away. They sent him some airplane posters, too. At any rate if there is ever a national emergency the man is signed up and ready to roll.

Then I cleaned bathrooms and the kitchen floor.

Tomorrow is my birthday and guess how I get to celebrate? I get to trudge over to the Social Security office. They tell me this should be the last trip. I hope so because I have filled out far to many papers for them. Hey, whatever happened to the paperless society here?

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