Saturday, January 28, 2012

Love And Hate

I have to say that having Hanna non-weight bearing has improved her behavior 90% of the time. She is confined to the recliner, the dinning room table, or her bed. We take her to watch TV on Sunday afternoons. We have someone watching her at all times to be sure she is not taking off. She can not run and hide from what goes on around here and that is keeping her out of a lot of trouble. It also allows us lots of time to talk. Yesterday she was telling me about an art project she is doing at school.

In this project they are to draw or write about things they love and those they hate (at least that is what she understands of it). From what I know about the project from the older kids doing it the idea is to make extreme contrasts in color, and object choices. There is no intention of delving into the psychology of it.

Hanna thinks and lives with everything in extremes. She related that on the hate side of the picture she put bowling, which she does not like at all because she can not handle the competition. The other things she named are lightning, thunder, ants, vampires, big trucks, and shopping. All of these things are very involved in the trauma she experienced as a young child. The things she loves are candy, money, cats, dogs, and coloring.

Her art work is clearly demonstrating that she does not have attachments with people. When candy and money come ahead of family and friends we have problems to deal with.

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