Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Think Before You Do

This morning as usual Paul was being his unmedicated self. We give him twenty minutes to clap, sing, jump, eat a few bites of cereal, stomp, holler about how he does not want to go to school and then repeat the same routine over several more times.

I am always sitting on the chair next to him telling him school will be fine, getting meds into all the kids who need them, tying shoes, helping the girls with their hair etc.

This morning Paul added some classic FASD impulsiveness to the routine. The timer had gone off fifteen minutes into the morning chaos as usual and then I told him it was time to get his boots and backpack on the rug by the door so we could get ready to go outside. He hollered "I`m gonna ..." and the glass of milk, which he should have been drinking was thrown at me. I am not sure if I got more of it or the floor did? Then he starts hollering that he wants some milk. No, more milk this morning, boy. The floor I cleaned yesterday needs to be done again.

He went out the door screaming because after that little scene there was not time to go look for his Army cap, which he wanted to wear. When they can not even think through a complete thought before acting they are sure going to get themselves into a lot of trouble in life.

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