Thursday, January 19, 2012


Really, does she HAVE to be so darn RADical all the time?

I had taken Paul to a medical appointment, nothing new there, I have kids at appointments all the time. When I got home about 5:45 pm I walked in and saw Hanna sitting is the recliner so I asked her what she was doing and I got the none of your business routine so I left her there with no other comment.

We had dinner and then she lost it. Apparently she was mad at me because I did not bring her to the dinning room table so she could color before it was time to eat. Well if she had asked me I could have taken her there, no problem but she did not ask.

We never let her go anywhere with her crutches without someone right there to moniter because she has significant balance issues, but the kid just took off and because she was still steaming mad, she was not paying attention to what she was doing and so she fell. Thankfully she landed on her backside instead of her injured foot. She got an earful about that stupid stunt and was put to bed having a screaming fit.

This morning when I went to get her up I discovered that she had gotten out of bed and gotten some stuff from her closet. She is not supposed to be getting up at all without someone there and she clearly understands the rules but apparently she does not care.

I guess someone is going to have to sleep in her room with her. That will most likely end up being me. It is so not fun being her mom!

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