Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rough Morning

After 4 hours at the clinic getting the old cast taken off, staples and stitches out, having x-rays, and finally a bright pink cast put on all Hanna wanted was some onion rings and the blue chair. She fell asleep so I took this picture of her to prove to her that she actually can sleep, sometimes. We did give her medication to calm her down (my arm has some lovely marks on it from her squeezing it so hard) but she is 14 and deals with this medical stuff very much like the average 2 year old does.

Hanna usually chooses hot green (like her blanket) but the green they had for casts was not bright enough according to her, so she decided that pink would be just fine. She will look great with one bright green shoe and one bright pink cast. Now we just keep on doing what we have been doing for the next 2 weeks and then we go back for round 3.


  1. oh, poor baby, hate to see kids having to go through such painful procedures! God bless ya Cyndi and Hanna and all of yours, despite the hardness of the road your giving this child a chance, thank you

  2. Love the pink cast! You probably needed a nap just as much as she did!

  3. I had the same colour when I had my foot done! I hope Hanna heals well.