Monday, January 9, 2012

Took A Break

We took a break. It was so needed. We found some warm weather, okay it has not exactly been Minnesota cold so far this winter, but it isn`t exactly swimming weather either. We went to swim, play in the sand, spend some time with the older kids, played cards, and ate good food.

Now we are back to school, work appointments, paperwork, and all the rest of what goes on around here. It is Hanna crazy land as usual. She never takes a break, ever!

Things are just as they were when we left, the same old same old stuff. I know that is just the way she rolls, but hey I can wish that things can change can`t I?

Today I got the paperwork, phone calls, and laundry under control. Tomorrow I have to take Lauren for a bunch of lab work, (what fun), and then Wednesday Hanna has surgery on her foot. Keeping things under control with her will pretty much take up the rest of the week. The plan is to send her back to school next Monday and I hope that is how this all works out because by then I may need another break.

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