Thursday, April 1, 2010

I Am Happy

I am happy this day is just about over. I had to take Hanna for a consultation with a Pediatric Gynecologist (I never knew there was such an occupation) until we began dealing with massive "girl issues". She agrees with the other two doctors we have been working with for almost three years now trying to get this mess straightened out so the filling out of more forms, sitting around waiting, and answering the ninety-seven questions for the hundredth time was well worth the effort. We are on a roll here, thank goodness there are actually people out there who understand some of the complex issues of our Hanna!!

I only got two calls from the school while I was trying to answer all of the Hanna questions. Lauren had been scratching at her eye and wouldn't you know, it got a bit irritated when they had her go swimming this morning. Kid, could you just keep your fingers away from your eyes, at least for today. Trying to get it through to the school nurse that I was two hours away from home and could not just come get her was not working. Karre had driven Jared`s little car (Scion) to school because we had taken the wheelchair accessible van. I had to get Karre out of class and have her take Lauren home and then go back to class. She had parked up the hill and so she had to walk and get the car and drive up to get Lauren. I had her leave Lauren`s wheelchair at school and we had to go get it when we got back to town. She did not get time for lunch and was late for English which will require another note, luckily the teacher is the mother of one of Karre`s best friends so she understands how things work around here. The PCA who was here with Paul had taken him to the park so they had to hurry back so Karre could go to school. All of this for something that could have waited until the end of the school day.

The marathon is off to a great start!

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  1. I am glad your day is almost over. Here's to a better or at least less tiring day tomorrow.