Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th Of July

We missed the parade because the weather could not decide if it should rain or not, but Rene` and Paul did go to the park to get some copcorn (popcorn).

Jared was being the great big brother and sharing his playing with fire talents with Paul. They also got Jared`s dog Molly all worked up.

Lauren was working hard at the pool on Saturday afternoon. Paul wanted to swim with Mom, but he really did not want to get wet. Allen spent the entire time splashing everyone and Hanna was trying to dunk Karre.

For most of our family this holiday weekend was spent at home in small town American style. We grilled some great things to eat, had salad, and desert pizza and a whole lot of other stuff, too. We played some patriotic music and most of all enjoyed spending time together. The grand finale will be the fireworks which Dad, Rene`, and Karre have just left to see. I have four kids in bed and I hope they all stay there so I can soon join them.

One very lucky member of our family got to spend the holiday in our nation`s capital. Trevor is working as an intern there and was able to get tickets to celebrate at a private party on the capital lawn. Karre just talked with him on the phone and he said it was really awesome.

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