Monday, July 26, 2010

Apple Pie

Jared was home this weekend, as he is most of them, since he has to work as a PCA here, (his other job alone will not pay the bills). We are more then happy to have the help because without it we would not and could not take all 4 of the kids any where or do anything. They all need to much one on one time for that. Anyway he went to the Golden Arches and bought apple pies for himself and all of his siblings. They all appreciated the treat, mom never buys that junk for them. Everyone ate their pies except Hanna who decided that she wanted to save her`s for breakfast.

Okay, save yours but what kind of game are you trying to play with this one? Hanna is a kid who would have eaten that whole bag of pies if they had been left unattended at all. Well she had decided that she wanted cookies for a snack instead of what everyone was having so that she could have both the cookies and the pie. When Jared told her it was pie for a snack or nothing, you guessed it, she went nuts so she ended the evening without getting anything.

Jared ate her pie for a midnight snack. No issue there because she can not remember what went on the day before and she has no clue that she got nothing.

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