Wednesday, July 14, 2010

As The World Turns

We had a bit of a soap opera here this morning. Hanna went down to the play/therapy room and stayed down there all morning, by herself except for me keeping an eye on her. She fiddled with this and that and never really did anything. I told her I was going up to figure out something for lunch and she did not respond at all. I sent Allen down there to tell her it was time to eat and still no response. I do not drag kids to the table, if they do not come then they just do not eat, so we sat down to eat and were nearly finished before she showed up sobbing.

No kidding, she was all out sobbing about "what will happen to the people on the round thing when it stops".

I finally figured out that she was talking about the earth spinning and what would happen if it stopped. I have no idea where she came up with this. By the time I had figured out what she was talking about Dad had come home from work and of course he had to be a wise acre and tell her that all of the people would die. Thanks a lot Dad! Now she is going completely nuts because she does not want the people to die.

She has not yet figured out that we all live on the earth and we would be the people who would die if it stopped. I have made it clear to everyone here that we do not need any more sarcastic remarks on the subject for the time being. She is providing enough drama as it is.

Now we will all be going downstairs soon as there is a tornado watch "it`s just a watch" for now. We do not need any weather issues to create even more drama today.


  1. A kind side to Hannah. I like it!

  2. Where did she get the idea about "the round thing" (I love that phrase) from TV? Did she see a graphic of the globe? I have all kinds of questions about this that I suppose will never be answered. It seems she knows that "the round thing" is populated by people and if the round thing were to stop spinning the people would die. That's a pretty sophisticated concept. Some kids would simply suppose the people would go about their business, regardless of whether the round thing were spinning or not. Yet despite the fact she was able to figure out that live on the round thing depended on the round thing's continued rotation, she was unable to discern the very simple idea that WE are the people aboard the spinning round thing. Curiouser and curiouser, as Lewis Carroll's Alice would say.