Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Good Ole Summertime

It has been damp, humid, and raining off and on for the past few days so have not spent to much time outside. The sun came out this morning and it is going to be a gorgeous summer day here. I put clothes on the line. I picked tomatoes for the first time this season and will keep picking them until it freezes hard this fall. There are several cucumbers that will be ready to pick in a couple of days. Now we will be eating vegetables at every meal. Yesterday we had fresh raspberries on ice cream, it was so good.

All of the kids are doing pretty well, although Hanna needs every minute of every day with something specific to do. She has inherited several chores around here to keep her out of trouble.

We are going to the lake this weekend so I will be running to get groceries for that. I also have to get a new printer since ours has totally died and the repairman informed me that it would cost a lot more to fix the broken one then it would to just replace it. The printer had to die in the middle of a major project that Karre and Rene` have been working on for one of Rene`s classes. Now why couldn`t it wait until a time when it would not be needed for a few days? I guess maybe as Karre informed me, it is because that never happens around here.

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  1. I think printers feel neglected, expected to always be ready for us at our beckon call. Mine runs out of ink when I need to print out something right.this.very.minute! Your vegies and raspberries sound so good!