Thursday, July 1, 2010

All About Me

We have eight kids seven of them understand love, how to show it and how to accept it. The eighth kid is another matter altogether, you guessed it, the kid with attachment issues is the one who can not figure it out.

Kids will come to ask for advise when they do not know what to do, not Hanna she never asks for advice because according to her, she knows what she is doing all the time. The trouble is she would get into a lot less trouble if she would get some advice and make some good choices.

Kids come to mom or dad when they are hurt or are not feeling well, but not her she just ignores the problem until it is so bad that we need to head to urgent care.

Kids get new shoes, a toy, or game and say thank you and really are glad that you got something for them. Hanna will always find something wrong with whatever it is you get for her, no matter what it is. It is the wrong color, size, shape, she did not want to go to that movie, she wanted another one instead, and on and on and on.

Kids will help someone out or do something for someone just because, but not her. She will not do anything unless there is something in it for her. Could you just pick up those two wrappers laying there. She will not do it unless she is bribed. She is a super worker when there is money involved but does nothing for free. She is always looking for the payoff.

Kids will come and give me a hug and ask how my day is or tell me that I look nice after I have gotten my hair done, not her. She would not hug anyone, she goes nuts when you try to show any type of affection towards her.

She is the kid who is hiding somewhere making a mess of something and only shows up when she wants something to eat, wants to go some place, or wants you to give her something. The rest of the time she would not even acknowledge your presence.

I guess the "what`s in it for me" is getting very tiring here. I am tired of giving and getting NOTHING in return from this kid, the one who thinks that the world owes her everything. That is just not the way it is.


  1. I had one of those kids. She has improved since she was 18, but under stress, it all comes back.

  2. (((HUGS from one mom in need of a hug to another!)))

  3. Sometimes there is a kid who just sucks you dry. Our "what's in it for me" kid just turned 18. I've come to the realization that we can never give her enough of anything. She'll always find fault, feel slighted and be the victim. Hard kids to parent I tell ya!

  4. said to Corey (watching the waters): i wish my kid could, oh, i don't know ... interact?!?

    i understand

  5. It can take a very long time for those kids to figure it out. I fear some never do. {{{Hugs}}}