Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Day At The Lake

Jared and Allen had a water fight. Allen seemed to think it was the greatest thing to get his big brother wet. They threw water at each other for a long time.

Angie and Andrew came along. Andrew loved the lake and having all hands on deck (4 PCA`s) for the day makes things go so much smoother.

Cousin Nicole and Paul filled the buckets with sand many times and then Paul had to load the sand into the dump trucks and haul it away.

Lauren was really working hard to get rocks into this bucket for Alex, her eight year old cousin who thinks he needs to drag all of them home and save them. His mom was perfectly okay with the fact that Lauren is not very good at collecting rocks from the water.

Paul was excited to spend time swimming with his big sister Rene` who drove down from North Dakota to spend the day with us.

We spent a day packing to go to the lake. We had a terrific time with grandma Uncle Dave, Aunt Kris, and the cousins. We ate lots of great picnic food. We had more then we needed, but that is always the way it goes. The kids got to go tubing and ride in the boat. Karre spent a lot of time helping Uncle Dave take kids tubing. Everyone went swimming and visited by the lake for many hours. Rene`, Karre, and Trevor had a nice texting conversation so he joined us from Washington DC, too. Then we headed home with wet, dirty, cranky kids. It was worth the end of the day crash as everyone had had a great time. Hanna even went tubing before she decided that she no longer wanted to hang out with the rest of us. We just let her sit over there and pout as no one was going to join in her effort to crash the party. These are the days that make summertime so much fun in Minnesota.


  1. It sounds like a golden day! Thanks for sharing it.

  2. ooo - love lake day. your lake looks so much nicer than ours though!