Friday, July 23, 2010


Paul is the kind of kid who tells it like it is, no beating around the bush at all.

He and the docker (doctor) had a conversation a few days ago about Ernie and his hubber ducky (rubber ducky).

He watches The Mickey Mouse Cubs House (Mickey Mouse Club House).

We watch the Tins (Twins) play baseball.

He also tells his speech therapist on a regular basis that he do need no peach (speech).

The kid is just too cute for his own good. He still has many speech issues, but has come far beyond anything we could have ever hoped for so in a few weeks when he starts kindergarten he will no longer be going to speech therapy. He will have some time scheduled during the school day. He does not know that yet, however.

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  1. Isn't it nice when the school takes over the therapies? I found I had time to just hang with GB and do some of the things she had been wanting to do:)