Friday, July 23, 2010


I am toast and it isn`t even lunch time yet. It is Dad`s birthday so we were going to have cake today and go do something fun tomorrow since it is a work day today. Hanna got wind of the plans and has now gone bonkers.

She lied to me and has been throwing things at me, but that is nothing new.

She was told to pick up the toys so of course she just had to pick up the ones that Paul was playing with, the ones he always plays witch we never put away. That sent him into a screaming fit so she decided to throw the toys down the stairs, more holes in the wall, just great maybe we should just eliminate that one anyway. After being told that she needed to bring those toys back upstairs she decided to pound her little brother to bits. I had to send Karre upstairs with Paul, Allen, and Lauren to keep them safe. I just let her trash the place after that.

Finally she proceeded to make Karre cry because she can NEVER BEHAVE OR ACT LIKE A REAL KID!. That is totally true the kid always sabotages everything we matter what it is. I totally agree with Karre there are days when I have had enough of all this fake, sweetness, cute, perfectness in public and then coming home and being angry, crazy, rude, mean, and very often dangerous. As Karre says, she has not seen the real kid for three years now and she has had enough.

I need to get some groceries so I think my shopping partner will be Karre today, we both need a break from this nonsense.

By the way "Happy Birthday, Dad", you have know idea how peaceful you have it at work today.

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